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April 2015 

We have some great news – a victory in our campaign asking the Government to cancel fines for free prescriptions in England – with thanks for all your help in making it happen.
We're delighted to launch our Enjoy Food recipe finder – lots of tasty new recipes, with an improved search, nutritional information and more. Now it's even easier to find a healthy, delicious meal.
This month, we also bring you a preview of our exciting Diabetes in School Short Film Competition.

This year's Diabetes Week has the theme ‘Diabetes and me’. Join us from Sunday 14 to Saturday 20 June and share your experiences of life with diabetes, and in particular how you learn about and understand your condition. For more information, go to the Diabetes Week 2015 page.

Also coming up is Election day. Can you help us create new Parliamentary Champions for diabetes? Find out who your candidates are and how to engage them on diabetes by checking out our General Election Campaign Pack.
If you are viewing this on a mobile or tablet, you should see a difference in the layout this month. We have brand new templates, making our emails easier to read on any device. If you have any problems or comments then please do email us.
Thanks for all your support
Diabetes UK


Health Minister Dan Poulter has committed the Government to changing the system for checking free prescriptions in England, to stop people with diabetes being unfairly fined. Diabetes UK has welcomed the move as we have been campaigning to get the Government to introduce a fairer system.


Major drive to prevent Type 2 with launch of national prevention programme in England

A major national initiative between NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes UK, aims to significantly reduce the number of people expected to develop Type 2 diabetes by 2025.


Gary Mabbutt: "I nearly had my leg amputated because of diabetes"

Ex-Tottenham and England football star Gary Mabbutt tells us an exclusive story about how he nearly wasn't able to play professional football, and nearly had his leg amputated, because of diabetes – and why looking after your feet is so important.


At our Diabetes UK Professional Conference last month, it was announced that a vaccine for Type 1 diabetes could be developed “within a generation”, by scientists who welcomed over £4.4 million of new investment for research that will help make this a reality.



Our new recipe section means it's now even easier to find a delicious healthy recipe.


Despite being told he couldn't do certain things, Matt has achieved his goals.


An excuse for baking. By Helen May.


new garden collection

Our new garden collection makes an ideal gift for a loved one or friend.


Get Involved 

• Diabetes UK is preparing to take the lead for the next Big Collection on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 June to kick off Diabetes Week 2015. We’re looking for volunteers to help encourage Tesco customers to donate their spare change over the weekend. If you can give a little to be part of something big, email BigCollection@TescoCharityPartnership.org.uk and join our fun, lively team. #BigCollection 

• Young people have told us they want to create their own films about diabetes, so on 1 June 2015 as part of our Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade campaign, we’ll be launching the Diabetes in School Short Film Competition. We’ll be inviting students aged 11 to 17 to send in their three-minute films about Type 1 diabetes and school. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people with Type 1 diabetes and their peers to tell their stories about diabetes in school in a fun way. And there are great prizes to be won by participants and schools. Look out for full details soon – in the meantime, you can download the Diabetes in School Short Film Competition Poster here

In Your Area


• Find out about Diabetes UK activities in your local area.



Coming up next month

•  Community fundraising events – how to get involved and show your support.



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